The wonderful thing about being a human being is that when you are born, you receive an extremely powerful and rich device. It is part of the survival package of the species. We are talking about language; a gift that helps you to succeed in life. You are even given some training for free: your parents will first teach you how to use language, and before you know it you are babbling away. It becomes as easy as breathing, and soon you are not even aware that you are using it.


Let’s Communicate – A playbook helps you to appreciate the beauty, the richness and the deviousness of our communication system. This book shows you the other side of obvious things such as words, sounds, texts, and pictures, but also exotic phenomena as the Chinese nüshu (secret female messages), Peruvian quipu (administration cords), the Indian head wobble and Dothraki (the newly formed language of Games of Thrones).


In 256 pages and lots of colourful illustrations you are offered a fascinating journey throughout the most human of devices, from Cro Magnon babbling to Trumps’ tweets. A straight evolution line, with some sidetracking. Watch out for worldplay, poetry, insults, oneliners, put downs, Broca’s area, non violent communication, brands, jokes, mondegreens, acronyms, political framing, lies, inner speech, propaganda, fake news, lockerroom talk, heteroglossia, aphasia, etcetera etcetera.


You can subscribe and be part of the crowdfunding of Let’s Communicate. You will find your name in the Tabula Gratulatoria, on the prestigious last page of the book. Your comittment is very much appreciated. In doing so, you will get the book at 19,50 euro instead of 29,50 – with a unique dedication!


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Format Soft cover with flaps

Size 16,5 x 23,5 cm

Contents 264 pages, full colour

Price €29,50

Crowd funding pre-inscription €19,50

ISBN pending

Publishing date 20 December 2018